Our Services

We offer wide variety of technology services including …

Startup Development

Company Website, Blog, Web Application, REST API, Mobile Application, etc.

Enterprise Development

ERP, CRM, HRMS, Accounting, Inventory Management, Ticketing System, etc.

BPO Automation Development

Media Distribution, Encoding, Streaming, Transcription, Moderation Workflows, etc.

AI Automation Development

Face Recognition, OCR, Speech to Text, Automated Captioning, Content Moderation, etc.

Software Integrations

Social Media and other 3rd party Integrations with your applications.

DevOps Management

Cloud Architecture, Remote Infrastructure Management, CI/CD Automation, etc.

About Us

We are a Software Company based in Hyderabad, India. Our core expertise lies in developing Web Applications and Business Automation Workflows using Open Source Technologies. We offer Technology Advice and Software Development Services for various Industry Clients.

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